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"The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease."~ Voltaire

If you are unfortunate enough to be suffering with an illness then the information and links provided on this page may be of real benefit. If however you are in good health, then please don't take it for granted! Help your body to maintain that health by putting this information to good use. (These pages and links will be updated as new information becomes available.)

Pauling Therapy

Linus Pauling, the eminent American scientist and two-time Nobel Prize winner, announced in 1989 a breakthrough in how we view and treat heart disease. In "A Unified Theory of Human Cardiovascular Disease," Linus Pauling said that the root cause of heart disease is a long-term vitamin C deficiency, not the plaque deposits present in atherosclerosis, According to him, these plaque deposits were actually the result of our bodies trying to repair the damage caused by long-term vitamin C deficiency. In essence, Pauling believed that heart disease is a form of scurvy, and plaque is the body's attempt to reinforce and patch weakened blood vessels and arteries that would otherwise rupture. Pauling also demonstrated that heart disease can be prevented or treated by taking vitamin C and other supplements. A wonderful resource of case studies can be found here.

Animal studies have been found to back up Pauling's theory. Research conducted with animals that cannot manufacture their own vitamin C found that when vitamin C levels are decreased, collagen production reduces as well making blood vessels thinner and weaker. Additional studies also confirm that when animals are deprived of vitamin C, their bodies respond by forming plaque deposits to strengthen arteries and prevent vessel rupture. In essence, collagen can prevent atherosclerosis by removing the need for plaque which in turn keeps arteries open. In addition to taking vitamin C to prevent atherosclerosis, Pauling suggested a combination of vitamin C and the amino acid Lysine. Later, Dr Mathias Rath suggessted the inclusion of Proline (another amono acid) to help remove existing plaque and prevent its return while strengthening weak and damaged arteries.

A suggested dosage protocol for these supplements might be 2 grams of Vit C, 2 grams of Lysine and half a gram of Proline taken three times a day over a period of around eight weeks (more or less depending on the severity of the plaque build up.) It would then be wise to reduce your intake down to maintenance levels i.e. one third to one half of the therapeutic dose. For a more detailed dosing protocol, please click HERE This is a chapter excerpted from a book in a PDF format. You may well benefit from also taking a look at these CAVEATS

The Sinatra Solution

There's new hope for preventing and treating heart disease, If you suffer from heart disease, Dr. Stephen T. Sinatra has the solution you've been looking for: Maximise the amount of oxygen your heart extracts from your bloodstream by accelerating the rate at which your cells convert nutrients to energy.

This can be achieved by following Dr. Sinatra's energy enhancing nutritional approach. This approach focuses on the supplemental use of three amazing bioenergetic nutrients: Coenzyme Q10, L - Carnitine and D - Ribose.

The synergistic combination of these nutrients essentially charges up every body cell to function at optimal capacity. So, not only will you experience renewed heart health with all that energy, you'll also gain a greater sense of overall well-being. (Taken from Dr Sinatra's book - 'The Sinatra Solution') Part of a very interesting transcript from an interview with Dr Sinatra can be found here There is also further valuable information which is continually updated to be found on Dr Sinatra's 'blog', please look here


It is my belief that the signs and symptoms of type 2 Diabetes can be eliminated by a combination of correct diet, excersise, and weight loss (if needed.) There is hope on the horizon for help with type 1 Diabetes sufferers, scientific research here which seems to suggest that it might be associated with an auto-immune response affecting the pancreas. A link will be provided to an axcellent source of information at the end of this paragraph. In the meantime, do try and avoid processed/refined carbohydrates and stay away from trans fatty acids/hydrogenated fats!! For further reading please take a look here Also look out for the information link on 'Diabetes Type 2' two thirds down in the left hand column.


As always prevention is much better than 'cure' and to have knowledge is empowering, with these statements in mind please take the time to have a look here This is an excellent resource with an abundance of information and really good advice!!

Joint Health

M.S.M. (Methylsulfonylmethane), Glucosamine Sulphate and Chondroitin Sulphate are all known to benefit joint health. Some, or all (in combination) may work well for different types of joint problems, either way, it will increase the effect if these are taken with Vitamin C. A brief overview of the above supplements can be found here If you think the joint pain may be as a result of Rheumatoid Arthritis then there are a couple of paragraphs headed 'Undenatured Chicken Collagen' here This is another excellent article with quality information.

Finally, if none of the above seems to be working as well as it should, then DMSO can always help alleviate pain and swelling. This is a natural non steroidal anti-inflammatory and analgesic, please see here for an overview.

Fat Facts

The total amount of fat you eat, whether high or low, isn't really linked with disease. What really matters is the type of fat you eat.

Fat is one of the 3 nutrients (along with protein and carbohydrates) that supply calories to the body. Fat provides 9 calories per gram, more than twice the number provided by carbohydrates or protein. Fat is essential for the proper functioning of the body. Fats provide essential fatty acids, which are not made by the body and must be obtained from food. The essential fatty acids are linoleic and linolenic acid. They are important for controlling inflammation, blood clotting, and brain development. Fat serves as the storage substance for the body's extra calories. It fills the fat cells (adipose tissue) that help insulate the body. Fats are also an important energy source. When the body has used up the calories from carbohydrates, which occurs after the first 20 minutes of exercise, it begins to depend on the calories from fat. Healthy skin and hair are maintained by fat. Fat helps the body absorb and move the vitamins A, D, E, and K through the bloodstream.

For more detailed and comprehensive information, please see here.

Supplements, Minerals and Vitamins

A list of the major supplements, Minerals and Vitamins, with brief descriptions is shown here.