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TEL: 0151 286 1187

MOB: 07913 853 160

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Postage and Delivery.
All items will be sent by 2nd class post once payment has been received.The charges for postage are in addition to the items, and can be found on the 'cart' information page as well as below. Please note that Items can also be paid for by cheque or postal order.Please make payments to 'Creative Alternatives' at the following address:

Creative Alternatives
24, Oxford Rd
L22 8QF

Postal charges for mainland UK start from £2.80 and are sent 2nd class unless first class next day delivery is required (in which case please call). On certain bulky Items weighing more than 2Kg , the delivery cost will be in accordance with courier charges. for multiple units please contact Creative Alternatives for further information.