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Uk Postal Increases April 2012.

Due to the scandalous price increases by the Royal Mail, Creative Alternatives regrettably has had to increase it's delivery charge. From now on and by default, all items will be sent second class unless you call me to request an alternative option. Please be aware that although the Royal Mail claim to be 'sensitive to our economic difficulties - quote:

We know how hard it is for households and businesses when our economy is as tough as it is now. We have thought very carefully about the impact on our customers and on our own business, before deciding to raise our prices. end quote.

Their price increase means that an item previously sent first class that would have costed 1-58 now costs a staggering 2-70!!
For the benefit of my customers, please be aware that all items with a combined weight of less than 750 grams (including packaging etc) will incur a minimum charge of 2-20. I will be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail if you wish to call: 0151 286 1187

Codex Alimentarius

If Codex Alimentarius is implemented in the United Kingdom, therapeutic dosages of vitamins and minerals (and all other nutrients soon to follow) will become unavailable because they will literally become illegal.

Here's how it would work, in a nut-shell:
Due to the junk science use of Risk Assessment (toxicology) to assess supposedly toxic nutrients, a false belief is being engineered saying that "nutritional supplements are dangerous to people's health". Using this false belief generates calls to "protect" people from these "toxic" nutrients. After the calls come then the laws to set ultra low permissible dosages (remember, nutrients are deemed "dangerous toxins" under this false belief). If enough of us and our MP's buy this nonsense, we and Country would blindly comply with Codex Alimentarius. And blind compliance is what the industries behind Codex Alimentarius intend.

Blind compliance goes hand-in-hand with lack of activism. This lack of activism allows our protective laws, classifying nutrients as foods with no upper limits, to be easily repealed and replaced with draconian laws to classify nutrients as toxins. And "harmonization" with the pro-illness, pro-pharmaceutical industry Vitamin and Mineral Guideline is there to fill the void. Only intentionally ineffective, ultra low dose supplements would be legal, with or without a prescription. If enough people do not take action, we can expect to watch nutritional supplement manufacturers and, thus health food stores, to go out of business, in a domino effect. The only player left standing would be Big Pharma.

Therapeutic grade vitamins, minerals, and amino acids would be eliminated from the marketplace (although a few low-dose supplements would be allowed by Codex, as a symbolic measure to avoid suspicion about their ulterior motive). Natural health professionals would lose the tools of their trade (nutritional supplements) and health conscious people would be unable to choose natural health options for health promotion and disease treatment.

And that is, in a nutshell, how Codex Alimentarius is poised to make Natural and Nutritional Medicine (NNM) disappear from the legal health world and go underground. Who benefits? Big Pharma. It would take a few years for the above scenarios to be feasible (The start of Codex Alimentarius is meant to go into full global effect by 2010). The slower the process takes, the less alarmed people will be. That's probably the logic of the architects of Codex Alimentarius.

E.U. Food Supplements Directive

The Directive on Food Supplements has been finalised by the European Union and was published in the Official Journal on 12 July 2002. The Directive passed into law in England and Wales on 3rd July 2003, Scotland followed a few days later. Although trumpeted as a measure to protect consumers, the Directive is specifically prepared to remove barriers to trade in food supplements between all 25 Member States. This is a 'framework' Directive affecting just vitamins and minerals at this stage. However, it makes provision for other categories of supplements to be included at a later date.

Although Consumers for Health Choice (CHC) is supportive in principle of the removal of barriers to trade in supplements, we are alarmed that the final wording of the Directive seriously threatens the future availability of many safe and popular vitamin and mineral supplements in the United Kingdom. There are two main reasons:

The Directive has two Annexes that list the vitamins & minerals and sources of vitamins and minerals which may be used in the manufacture of food supplements. The 'Positive Lists' were transferred from other legislation (PARNUTS) that regulated baby foods. If a nutrient is not on the 'Positive List' it cannot be used. The Directive allows for a derogation period so that nutrients not listed on these Annexes can continue to be used until 2009 provided safety dossiers are compiled and submitted to the European Food Standards Agency (EFSA) by July 2005. Over 300 nutrients and nutrient sources that are already on the UK market, and accepted as safe by the regulators, are not included on the 'Positive Lists'. Although manufacturers have until July 2005 to provide dossiers of detailed scientific data to support applications for inclusion, producing these will take a great deal of time, probably years and be very expensive. We have established that many manufacturers simply will be unable to afford the costs involved estimated to be around £250,000 per substance. Only 20 dossiers are expected to be submitted and this will deny consumers continued access to safe nutrients of their choice, some of which have been on the UK market for decades.
The Directive will dictate the maximum dose levels of all nutrients ~ it will be illegal to market supplements which contain higher levels than these. We firmly believe that such maximum permitted levels should be set on the basis of safety - if a product is safe,consumers should be able to choose to buy it. The Directive provides that the maximum permitted level may be set at or close to this upper safe level, but does not require that this should be the case. Under pressure from the pharmaceutical lobby and from the French and German Governments, this provision of the Directive could be interpreted by EU in a restrictive manner so that only low dose supplements would be allowed. This would see huge numbers of safe, popular and effective higher potency supplements removed from the UK market. The UK Government claim to understand our concerns, and insist they have tried to obtain a better deal in Europe. However, as they met with some opposition from other Member States, the British delegation felt obliged to give in and accept the current wording. CHC believes this to be a shameful dereliction of duty by the British Governments towards its people and is encouraging MPs, MEPs, Peers and others to put pressure on the Minister, Melanie Johnson, to honour her responsibilities. We are certain that, given political will, changes still can be achieved for the benefit of all British consumers.

On 30th January 2004, the National Association of Health Stores was given leave by the High Court in London, jointly with the Health Food Manufacturers Association, to take to the European Court of Justice its case that the Food Supplements Directive is illegal in European law and disproportional in its impact.

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