Creative Alternatives . . . 'The natural choice.'

Creative Alternatives is an ethical trading company. This means that we will donate 10% of all our profits to charities

Wherever possible we will use products that are environmentally friendly, and we will not deal with any products that have been associated with bringing harm to animals or the unfair exploitation of people.

As a young company we want to offer our customers a reliable service, providing quality goods, at affordable prices.

As the company grows, so too will our range of products, so please re-visit us to find out what new and unusual items we can offer!

A final note . . . If we seem a little coy in providing a fuller description of the amazing benefits of some of these products, it is because we are constrained by strict UK laws. A few moments spent browsing our links, or a brief online 'search', may well provide you with the precious information you need to make that choice.